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A dental bridge can be used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. It usually consists of a skilfully created prosthetic tooth, which is supported by the adjacent natural teeth or implants.

Bridges – the Sutton Aesthetic way

We offer several different types of bridges and will suggest the most appropriate one for you.

Traditional fixed bridge

This features a false tooth positioned between two porcelain crowns and these fit neatly over the teeth either side of a gap.

In the case below, Dr Afzal used a fixed bridge to replace two front teeth which had been loosened by gum disease.

Cantilever bridge

This type of bridge can be used in areas of your mouth which are not subject to heavy chewing forces. It features a false tooth which is supported on just one side.

Dr Afzal treated the case below with a cantilever bridge, which was fitted to close a space in the front of the mouth.

Resin bonded bridge

This bridge is usually used for the front teeth and its main advantage is that the supporting teeth require minimal or no preparation.

In the case below, Dr Afzal used a resin bonded bridge to close a space left by the extraction.

Implant supported bridge

Dental implants act as substitute tooth roots and can be used to firmly support a dental bridge when more than one tooth is missing.

In the case below, Dr Afzal placed two dental implants to support a bridge and fill in three spaces in the front of the mouth.

More facts about bridges

  • As well as filling in gaps and enhancing your smile, bridges can keep any existing natural teeth in place.
  • Bridges can also make eating easier by correctly distributing the forces in your bite.

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