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Cosmetic Dentures

For natural-looking smile restoration

Modern dentures look much more like real teeth than they did in past, so they can offer the ultimate smile makeover – thanks to advanced technology, materials and techniques.

As well as enhancing your confidence by restoring your smile, dentures can also make eating and speaking much easier.

Cosmetic dentures – the Sutton Aesthetic way

Dr Afzal works closely with talented dental technicians to create realistic looking dentures which will fit your unique requirements. He takes huge pride in his work and is keen to ensure his patients are always delighted with their custom-made dentures.

The case below features a patient who had worn her cosmetic dentures for a number of years and was a little apprehensive about changing them. However, she was very glad she did, as her new dentures have allowed her to eat foods that were previously off the menu, thanks to their improved stability.

Case 1
Dr Afzal created a full set of upper and lower cosmetic dentures featuring full stippling and gingival contouring for a lifelike gum effect.

“They are a perfect fit. I can eat much better, they feel so natural and they are cosmetically very pleasing”
“These dentures are definitely worth the extra money”
Mrs KW

Case 2
Dr Afzal produced a full set of upper and lower dentures with full stippling and gingival contouring for realistic-looking gums.

“Omair’s attention to detail and the dentures he has provided are the best dentures I have ever had made”
Mrs VL

More facts about dentures

  • We can provide partial dentures if you only have a few missing teeth, or full dentures to replace them all.
  • Our bespoke dentures are made from advanced materials, such as acrylic and cobalt-chrome, so they fit comfortably and look natural.

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